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What makes a house a home ? It ’ s a philosophical question , but there ’ s no doubt that our interior design choices make us happiest when they reflect aspects of ourselves and our lives , either on our own or with others . Create comfort and joy by infusing your surroundings with your personality

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Photography : Polly Wreford . Styling : Katie Phillips
“ One of the most important and meaningful activities we are ever engaged in , is the creation of a home ,” says philosopher of everyday life , Alain de Botton , in What Homes Tell Us About Ourselves .
He goes on , “ Over a number of years , typically with a lot of thought and considerable dedication , we assemble furniture , crockery , rugs , cushions , vases , sideboards , taps , door handles and so on into a distinctive constellation that we anoint with the word , ‘ Home ’.”
When children are asked to draw a home , they often draw houses with pitched roofs , even if they live in flats . The roof symbolises shelter and enclosure . But de Botton believes that as well as being a place of refuge , home must also be a place that represents us . “ After too many nights in hotel rooms or on the beds of friends , we typically feel a powerful ache to return to our own furnishings ,” he says .
And it ’ s this philosophy that should always inform good design . In the age of Instagram , where trends seem to change monthly , remember that when creating a home there ’ s only one thing that really matters : those who live in it . That ’ s us ! Whether you are a single person , a couple or a family , how we shape our homes can bring us comfort and
DECIDE WHAT TO SHOW AND WHAT TO HIDE Sideboards and dressers are a great way to hide those practical or less visually attractive necessities of life , while displaying meaningful objects and keepsakes . Chantilly
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joy and we must always ask ourselves how the objects and choices we make in our homes can make us happy .
From displaying things we ’ ve brought back from holidays , to treasured family pictures and even our choice of chair or table , the items we surround ourselves with remind us of who we are . From clever lighting to bold colour choices , every aspect of our atmosphere can be redefined in a way that can bring pleasure to our lives .
temperaments and lifestyles can be a challenge . But there are some fundamental principles of interior design that can apply to us all . Clever storage solutions that allow you to hide away clutter but display special objects are at once soothing and a source of happiness . Nature and greenery are known to boost our mood , as can certain colours .
“ Creating a home is frequently such a demanding process as it requires us to find our way to objects that can correctly convey our identities . Two chairs that perform much the same physical role can articulate entirely
reminders , consoling thoughts , as we go about our lives .” →
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