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Season ’ s EATINGS

What comes to mind when you think of autumn food ? Nutty flavours ? Plump squashes ? Hearty stews ? Enrico Ramaglia , Creative Chef at Nicholsons in North Aston , has created an autumnal menu for us bursting with rich tastes and interesting textures
“ I ’ m really fond of North African flavours and love tagines ,” Enrico tells us . “ They are so easy to do . The spice mixes for the squashes and the tomato sauce aren ’ t overpowering , but warming – for your mind , body and soul – which is exactly what you want from a stew in winter .”
Simplicity in food is important to Enrico . He likes to focus on flavour , not fuss . “ These recipes are a combination of taste and comfort and simplicity ,” he says . Which is why he starts his feast with a big roasted cauliflower salad , perfect for everyone to help themselves from a big bowl . “ This is a fantastic , rich salad ,” Enrico explains . “ It ’ s simple to make but it ’ s the vinaigrette that pulls it together – it ’ s very , very fruity . Combined with the garlic croutons , it ’ s so appetising it can be hard to stop eating it !”
To finish , he ’ s combined two of his favourite flavours : almond and pear , and hung them together with sweet , tart blackberry , a quintessential autumnal fruit . It ’ s another simple recipe that can be scaled up or down depending on how many are feasting around your dinner table . “ These recipes are all about the
Photography : Jules Rogers . Styling : Ashlyn Gibson
– it ’ s not daunting for anybody .”
Enrico is also keen to eulogise the benefits of fermented foods . “ Everyone should have kimchi in the kitchen come autumn ,” he says . “ It looks and tastes good . Plus , fermented foods are fantastic for your gut , and they say that if your gut is healthy , then the rest of the body follows .”
Autumn is the perfect time to make fermented food ( in summer the fermentation process happens too quickly ) and , with seasonal veggies like cabbages and turnips in plentiful supply , you can mix and match depending on your preferences . How best to incorporate this spicy goodness into your diet ? Enrico has the final word : “ A generous spoonful of kimchi with some good , strong cheddar and a piece of sourdough bread can be a meal in itself . It ’ s so simple , but the flavours are amazing .” →
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