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work was done we had no money left whatsoever . Everything was white and our furniture was hand-me-downs . But it felt incredible .
It took a few more years for us to start changing things and developing our taste . I ’ ve discovered that I love calm and uplifting colours . Too dark feels oppressive to me . Too bright feels very frenetic . Our palette is dusty pink , sage and navy blue . I love painting so it ’ s no bother to go over something that was a mistake . My mum and dad laugh and say , “ How have you suddenly become creative ?” They joke that I can ’ t even draw a stick man . But I just try and replicate things I like .
Miles and I work well together . I have the ideas and he makes them happen . When the kids were younger it was hard to do DIY , but now they are at an age when they join in . They want to help us . Some evenings we stay up until midnight . Once we ’ ve started , we have to finish – we get so frustrated otherwise .
Lots of our creativity is born from a drive to not pay for things that you can do yourself . Miles taught himself to tile to do the bathroom . Because we couldn ’ t afford the tiles we wanted , I taught myself to stencil to create the vintage →
“ I love to change my decor seasonally . For autumn , I love added textures and rich colours . I update our door wreath with something more autumnal and love making the house feel cosier with candles and cushions at this time of year .” Chester Charcoal Narrow Larder 624.013 £ 895 | Mickleton Recycled Vase 928.172 £ 29
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