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We didn ’ t mean to buy this house . I ’ m a serial Rightmove browser and we came to view it because we were being nosy , but had no plans to move . Although it had gorgeous period features – including the original 1920s shutters that give my Instagram account its name – it was rundown and dark .

On leaving the first viewing I muttered , “ Well that was horrid wasn ’ t it ?” But my husband Miles saw potential . He envisioned a large open kitchen at the back , and two extra bedrooms in the loft . The next week we came back with a builder who confirmed we could do that . We put our house on the market that day and moved three months later with a two-year-old and a 12-week-old baby . It was a whirlwind of concrete and dust .
When our eldest son Leo was little we completely babyproofed the house . But with Magnus there was no point : the house was a building site . We had to bath them with a gaping hole in the ceiling , looking up at the stars . It sounds stressful but it felt like a wonderful adventure . When the →
“ My style doesn ’ t fit a particular label . I ‘ m not purely Scandi , industrial or minimalist , but I love period features with a modern twist . We tend to buy quality timeless furniture for our main pieces – things that will stand the test of time and not need replacing every few years .” ( Above )
, grey linen , 808.897 £ 275 | Burford Soft White Grand Bookcase 609.938 £ 1,195 ( Right ) Nancy Armchair from £ 729 | Copper Simple Velvet Cushion 926.246 £ 35