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Who said nothing good came from lockdown ? Inspired by the team ’ s experience of working from home , the latest addition to our bestselling Chester range is a tidy solution , explains Paul Deckland , Buying Director at the Cotswold Company
Photography : Polly Wreford . Styling : Katie Phillips
” When lockdown started we were all working from home . It ’ s one of those experiences that makes you realise that your house isn ’ t so big after all ,” says Paul . “ Most people don ’ t have a dedicated room – I work from my dining table and by the end of each week the whole room is a nightmare . Added to that , the room is the middle of my house . It felt like there was no escape from work .” It ’ s a feeling many of us can identify with . But Paul set about coming up with a solution . “ I wanted to develop something that didn ’ t have a huge footprint and could fit in any room – without there needing to be a separate desk – and with the added psychological benefit of being able to close the doors on work .”
He included a noticeboard – “ because now I ’ m on a laptop , I can ’ t cover it in sticky notes ” – additional storage and an open back , so it ’ s easy to plug devices in , as well as adjustable feet to reduce the likelihood of wobble when it ’ s being lent on . The Hideaway comes with a choice of two handles , brushed metal or wood , so you can choose what best suits your interiors scheme .
“ As we were developing it , we realised it wasn ‘ t just a
bills go , where children can do homework , where you can plan a party or your next interior project .” ●
620.197 £ 1,399 | Canvas Storage Box , blue , 888.148 £ 28 | Canvas Magazine File , blue , 888.144 £ 12 | Elkstone Oak Spindleback Dining Chair 1056.008 £ 270 cotswoldco . com