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Mix old favourites with new finds , embrace imperfections and create a home you love , says stylist Emily Henson . It ’ s time to try living a life unstyled
Twelve years ago stylist Emily Henson started a blog called Life Unstyled , lifting the curtain on life ’ s behindthe-scenes moments not usually caught on camera . Her book of the same name spotlights real , lived-in homes . This year she moved to a rented house in Margate …
The British seaside has its own special charm . I love that I can open the door and smell and hear the sea – it calms me . I ’ ve lived in big cities since the 90s but I ’ d been craving somewhere slower-paced over the past year or two . There ’ s an incredible creative community here , with lots of independent shops and restaurants . I like to cycle to the seafront , pick up a pot of cold prawns and a glass of something cold and watch the sunset on the steps .
The house I ’ m in is temporary , but I ’ ve made it home . I can ’ t put anything on the walls so I use Command strips as I love to be surrounded by art . I also don ’ t have any storage so I ’ ve created areas with lovely , mismatched baskets to corral things together . Repurposing textiles is a quick solution for hiding unsightly things . Curtain rings with clips can quickly turn a linen tablecloth into a curtain .
Living a life unstyled is about being kind to ourselves . At the beginning of my career as a stylist I noticed how on set you ’ d never show the whole picture . You ’ d see this beautiful photo but not the mess behind the camera . A house evolves and I don ’ t think it ’ s ever really done because our tastes are always changing . It ’ s about accepting we all have cables behind the TV !
I like to keep things constantly in flux . A house can feel unloved if you leave things in the same places for too long . I ’ m constantly moving artwork , plants and vases , especially as the seasons change . It ’ s an easy way to refresh a space .
Nature will provide . I love those beautiful objects you can find out in nature – moss-covered branches , shells and foliage . What makes a home is its personality . It doesn ’ t matter what anyone else thinks – it ’ s important to create a home you love to be in .
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Life Unstyled , published by Ryland Peters & Small at £ 23 . Photography : Debi Treloar © Ryland Peters & Small