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In fact , it is this link to nature and the natural course of the seasons , which inspired Maggie ’ s ‘ Grasses and seed heads ’ cushion collection for us . “ I wanted to celebrate the familiar plants and the natural colours we have here in Britain .”
When she designs a new collection , Maggie begins with a brief - “ it helps to give a boundary to the research for the ideas .” Next , it ’ s considering what the end product will be – “ is it going to be printed , woven or embroidered , what are the dimensions and which materials will be used .” When all of this information is gathered , the ideation stage begins . “ Once I have a body of drawings , I ’ ll then use the computer to lay the design out and if necessary , put into repeat . The computer is great for creating colourways but nothing substitutes a piece of fabric or something I have found with the perfect colour on as reference .”
A 5-piece collection available in a range of colourways synonymous with the changing seasons – from fern greens to rich coppers – Maggie tells us about the importance and necessity of colour when it comes to our homes . “ With the recent experiences we have all been through , I wonder if there will be a focus on wellbeing and optimism in the home over the next year . For me , this is about creating a sense of calm . Choosing greys , whites , blues and greens to keep things muted but with pops of joyful colour like butter yellows , ochre and warm rust reds for a lift in spirits . The key I think , now more than ever , is to create a home in which the colours reflect how you want to feel .”

“ The key I think , now more than ever , is to create a home in which the colours reflect how you want to feel .”

When it comes to choosing and layering colour in your home , Maggie believes the key is not to have too many colours competing in one space . “ I would choose one main colour for a room and work in tones for the walls , flooring and main pieces of furniture . Then accent with brighter shades or twists of the same colour family .” If you ’ ve got one or two redecorating projects on the to-do list for this year and struggling with where to start , Maggie suggests “ selecting one or two words that evoke the feeling you want to create in the room and make sure every selection you make tells that story .
“ My Mantra is ‘ keep it simple ’ and a few carefully selected pieces work better than over cluttering . I love the William Morris quote : ‘ Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be functional or believe to be beautiful .’”
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